Go Together.
Grow Together.

An Annual Retreat for Everyone.

Dates: Easter long weekend, 7-10 April 2023
Venue: StayKCC, Katoomba

Registrations are now open!

katoomba easter convention

About KEC

Go Together. Grow Together. 

Katoomba Easter Convention is an annual retreat for all ages to spend Easter sitting under God’s Word and growing in your faith together. 

Enjoy mornings being refreshed with Bible talks, Christian testimonies and worship.  Spend afternoons relaxing with friends and family before settling in for more in the evening sessions together.  Bring friends, family, children and grandchildren – we have specific programs for everyone from tiny tots all the way up to adults! 

Rock Solid

Trusting God’s Word in a World of Confusion

Why do you believe the Bible?

Trusting that the Bible is God’s good word to us can seem harder today than in the past. To our culture today, the idea that the Bible could be true, trustworthy, and inspired by God seems — quite simply — unbelievable.

Christians can feel the pressure of that scepticism and hear the culture’s logic of doubt. At times, we can even share the confusion of what is good and true. In today’s world, it is vitally important for us as Christians to understand what we believe.

But together with that, it is crucial for us to know why we believe it to be true.

  • We need our confidence that the Bible is true and trustworthy, emboldened.
  • We need our conviction that believing the Bible is intellectually respectable, confirmed.
  • We need our experience that having the Bible shape our lives is a necessary good, galvanised.

Join us at Katoomba Easter Convention 2023 and:

  • Renew your certainty that the Bible IS the word of God to you.
  • Remind you that the Bible is your most treasured possession and worthy of your wholehearted, joyful submission.
  • Refresh your desire to hear it, live it, and own your faith.

In a world of confusion, KEC23 will be an unmissable convention with a topic that is beneficial for every member of your family.

Make it a commitment to go together and grow together today.

KEC, Your Way

KEC is available in-person and online, so you can do KEC in the way that suits you best. Our fantastic kids programs will be available in-person only, for all morning sessions.


ALL sessions onsite only.

Going to miss a session or two onsite? Add online access to your in-person ticket for $60, to watch any time over the Easter long weekend! 


ALL sessions online, live streamed from Katoomba. You’ll also get on-demand access to the conference for 30 days post-event!

What People are Saying


I think I love being able to get away and just be fed on some really good teaching and refreshed in something different to what we normally get. Our children can also come and be recharged and enjoy the sessions, it’s fun for them. Just something for all of us.


Our children absolutely love the programs – Junior and Senior High. Their leaders were so engaged with our girls. One daughter had a letter written to her from her leaders encouraging her to keep walking strong in her faith.

– Sarah

The online platform worked with no hitches (amazing!). It was great to be able to view anytime. The music was great, especially the evening sessions.


KEC21 has been a different experience obviously having it online but i think it’s been an exceptional transition really, when you consider the complexity of having to do this online and speakers from around the world doing stuff and speaking to it. It’s been fantastic.


Love is Foster Care. 

Register now for our KEC morning tea info sessions to find out how you can transform a child’s future.

Thanks to our 2023 Ministry Partners

Ministry Partners


Love is Foster Care.  
Register now for our KEC morning tea info sessions to find out how you can transform a child’s future.


Barnabas Aid stands alongside our Christian brothers and sisters around the world where they suffer discrimination, oppression or persecution. As Jesus said, “Love one another…” 

Situated at universities across NSW, we are student accommodation providers committed to the formation of young people through the Christian ethos, community, safety, and pastoral care.

Mission Australia is a national Christian charity that stands together with Australians in need, until they can stand for themselves.


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