Katoomba Easter Convention 2025

Go Together. Grow Together.

An Annual Retreat for Everyone.

KEC 2025

Dates: 18-21 April 2025
Venue: StayKCC, Katoomba
Speakers: Philip Ryken & Glen Scrivener

Registrations open late 2024.

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About KEC

Katoomba Easter Convention is an annual retreat for all ages to spend Easter sitting under God’s Word and growing in your faith together. 

Enjoy mornings being refreshed with Bible talks, Christian testimonies and worship. Spend afternoons relaxing with friends and family before settling in for more in the evening sessions together.  Bring friends, family, children and grandchildren – we have specific programs for everyone from toddlers all the way up to adults! 

2025 Speakers

Meet Our Speakers

Philip Graham Ryken

Dr. Philip Graham Ryken is the eighth president of Wheaton College, where he studied English literature and philosophy. During his presidency, Wheaton has advanced the strategic priorities of deepening ethnic diversity, enhancing music and the performing arts, and globalizing a Wheaton education. Positive results include a more diverse campus community with students representing more than fifty countries, the state-of-the-art Armerding Center for Music and the Arts, and more than $400 million in new giving for scholarships and other priorities.

Dr. Ryken earned a Master of Divinity degree from Westminster Theological Seminary and a doctorate in historical theology from the University of Oxford. He preached at Philadelphia’s historic Tenth Presbyterian Church from 1995 until his appointment at Wheaton in 2010.

President Ryken has published more than 50 Bible commentaries and other books and has served as a board member for The Gospel Coalition, the Lausanne Movement, and the National Association of Evangelicals. 


Glen Scrivener

Glen is an award winning author and filmmaker who speaks around the world about the intersection of faith and culture. Originally from Australia, he was educated at Oxford and is now ordained in the Church of England. He has written 9 books including 321: The Story of God, the World and You and The Air We Breathe: How We All Came to Believe In Freedom, Kindness, Progress and Equality. Glen is passionate about people meeting Christ and equipping Christians to share their faith. He’s often found speaking at Churches and Universities, in the studio producing online media or in his office, writing books and other evangelistic material. Glen is married to Emma, and they have a daughter, Ruby and son, JJ. 


2024 Theme

Conquering Worldliness

Resisting the Gravitational Pull of the World

Worldliness: When the world’s way of thinking & living becomes your own (sometimes without you even realising it).

Everyone navigates life by a “wisdom”: collected beliefs, ideas, truths and traditions. That “wisdom” can have all kinds of sources: Google, trusted friends, movies, religion, family, podcasts, blogs, conscience, books, news editorials and on and on.  And that “wisdom” is what directs people’s thinking and determines their behaviour.

For Christians, the battle comes because the wisdom generated by this world we live in, is at odds with God and His truth. 

And in a country like Australia, it doesn’t even feel like a battle: because the world’s wisdom looks so attractive, sounds so plausible and feels so good.  It can pull us in, slowly and subtly, until it has us in its grip. It displaces God and His truth in our hearts, and so we settle for living as the world does. It doesn’t feel like losing a battle: it just feels like making a ‘lifestyle choice’.

God makes it clear in His word that for His people, the world is a competing loyalty. Anyone who loves the world cannot be a friend of God (James 4:4). It’s one or the other, not both. There is everything at stake in that choice.

So how should Christians resist the gravitational pull of the world? How do we spot where the world has pulled us in and has shaped our thinking and living? How do we stay true to the course God has set out for us? What does ‘holiness’ look like in the 21st century?

Please come and join us for a weekend that might change your life, and your family’s, for the glory of God.

A Snapshot of 2024

KEC 2024 Children’s Program Highlights

KEC is for kids, too! Take a look at the fun activities the children get to experience over the Easter weekend and see why families continue to come year on year to KEC 2024.


What people are saying

My last year in the senior high program proved to me how special KEC is, particularly the incredible encouragement from those within my discussion group. It really prompted me to think deeply every day and to praise God for the amazing opportunities we have.

— Sophie

We were encouraged by the range of speakers all speaking on a coordinated program. Hearing the range of testimonies and other ministries gave great insight into what the wider church is working hard at. It encouraged us to do our best where God has planted us, knowing our brothers & sisters in Christ are working hard around the world.

— Joanne

It was good to be reminded of God’s master plan and how His Word makes so much sense in our fallen world. It also challenged me to share the good news with others again. God is good even in the midst of pain. That God’s word will go out to accomplish what God intends.

My husband, 16 and 18 year old sons have been encouraged to read God’s word even more. They all really enjoyed KEC.

— Kristina

KEC is an opportunity for a family get together with a gospel centred focus. Our children in the past and now our grandchildren love the children’s program and are encouraged and fed in their walk with the Lord and enjoy fellowship with KEC friends. Adults likewise are encouraged and challenged to continue to serve the Lord.

— Gaye

Love is Foster Care. 

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